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The Crafty Beavers

Crafty & Busy Like A Beaver

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The name of this community comes from something Amy Sedaris said on Letterman. I can't find a website for her club or any other official "Crafty Beavers" anything out there so I'm hoping she doesn't get pissed at me for using the name.
This is just a little community to post your crafty projects in.
Any sort of crafty project at all.
Do you make whirly-gigs out of old beer cans? We'd love to see that!
Knit? Crochet? Make things out of pipe cleaners and string? Bring it on!
Magnets? Buttons? Pins? Books? Matchstick Cozies? Do tell!!
Did you decorate your yard for Halloween or X-mas or just no reason at all? Do you have a theme? Show it off!
I'm serious..any sort of crafty anything. The more funky the better.