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Chess pieces painted!

Well, I finally painted the chess pieces. I went with a theme my friend Dan suggested: Albinos vs Normals.

Here are the Albinos:

And here are the pastel-colored Normals:

Now I have to figure out what to do about a board. If I knew how to do papier-mache' I'd make a big toadstool table. But I don't, so most likely it'll be painted cardboard.
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I like the red and yellow mushrooms!! A big toadstool table would rock soooooooo hard.
Thanks! I think a toadstool table would be testing the limits of my so-called "creativity."
Oooooh, but a toadstool table (maybe red cap with white spots) would rule so much! I wish I knew how to do paper mache or even wood carving, because how cool would a red and white mushroom table look in my kitschy new room when we move?!
Hey those are awesome!
thanks! I'll have to take some pictures with my camera instead of the crappy pictures my phone takes. Glad you like them!
Oh! And your blue ducks (or birds?) look just like Devil Ducks from McPhee! They look just like the blue Devil Duckie pencil topper that came in the tin with my fez monkey bandaids!